Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner – Number 15

I have done a lot of window cleaning this year and when we are doing the windows it always seems like we are cleaning more and more rain gutters as well. We are cleaning a lot of roofs too.There has been more and more fires every year and a lot of debris collects on the roofs and in the rain gutters. In the rainy season this debris will clog your rain gutters and they will not drain properly, but in the summer or spring this debris is a major fire hazard. This debris is always a fire hazard, but in the summer it becomes even worse.
A good tip for cleaning rain gutters is to use a small hand shovel.Another good tool is a very strong shop vac- maybe even 18 gallon or so. When using a shop vac for cleaning roofs or gutters you will also need at least 20 or 30 feet of vac hose. If you are cleaning a two story roof or rain gutter, you might need even more hose to prevent you from having to bring the vac on the roof.Another good tool is a generator in case you have power problems or to use to prevent from having problems with the power. There are so many different tools that can used for cleaning roofs and rain gutters.Trash bags are very important to have. I have found that it really pays to use the contractor type trash bags for durability. Another good tip and tool is to use a leaf blower, although a broom will also always be needed.

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